These GIFs of Amber Rose Blowing Kisses Are The Best Way To Kick Off Your Weekend

This may be as close as you ever get to a kiss from Hangout Fest correspondent DaRealAmberRose.

Flaked on making weekend plans? Couldn't make it down to beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama, where the sands are snow white and the crab legs are difficult to crack but worth it? Sucker. Console yourself from the comfort of your couch and/or phone with these FOMO-inducing GIFs of the glamorous, glorious Amber Rose.

What's lady legend Amber Rose up to at Hangout Fest? Aside from serving as a living, breathing reminder of what female perfection looks like? Aside from making the sun jealous of her radiant, scorching heat? She's hosting the 30-minute Hangout Fest summer music special on Sunday, May 18 at 7pm ET/PT, featuring Danny Brown, Bastille and Mr. Amber Rose himself, Wiz Khalifa.

Your weekend just got a lot more beautiful and a little less basic.

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