Kylie Jenner Responds To Backlash Over Controversial Photoshoot

Kylie is being accused of wearing blackface.

On Saturday, Kylie Jenner posted a series of shots on her Instagram that has gotten her into a bit of hot water. The teen Kardashian shared photos of her wearing paint and glitter, but some have taken the paint to be blackface.

Kylie deleted a few of the snaps, but added a response to the backlash in one of the photos, saying, "This is a black light and neon lights people lets all calm down." She reportedly wrote on the other photos, "Making MAGiC w/ KYLiZZLE. PEEPS BE GETTING TURNT UP ON THIS SKIN SITCH. BLACK LIGHTS & NEON. Does no body know about lighting ??... What I wish I looked like all the time."

Zendaya apparently got in the mix too, giving the photo an emoji handclap at first, but then correcting herself when she got called out. Zendaya has also been in the middle of a racial controversy, when E!'s Guliana Rancic said her locs looked like they smelled like "patchouli oil and weed."

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