15 One Direction Songs That Won’t Sound The Same Without Zayn Malik

Who will hit the high notes?!?!

One Direction have assured fans that their next album will be their "best," but there's one thing for sure: it's going to sound a little different.

With Zayn Malik departing the group, their famous vocals just won't be the same. Let's be real, Zayn's arguably the best high note-hitter out there. Over the years we've sang along to his verses, memorized his runs, and have been blown away by his epic live singing (and believe me, they are pretty spectacular, I've seen it in person.)

With our four remaining guys- Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis- forging ahead with their fifth album and On The Road Again Tour, they'll try to fill the void that Zayn left behind. Let's be honest, though: some of these songs were just made for Zayn.

You know what they say: the truth hurts. Therefore, let's take a look back at 15 songs that just won't sound the same without Zayn.

"You & I"

Zayn goes higher than ever before on one of my favorite tracks from Midnight Memories.

"Best Song Ever"

The best high note ever? Oh, and if you're counting, he's holding that key for 7 seconds of pure perfection.

"Ready To Run"

Runs on runs on runs.


He sings one word, but it's the title of the song and it's hard to do. Just ask Harry.

"Steal My Girl"

Who's going to steal that high note?

"No Control"

He may sing about not having control, but his smooth voice certainly has plenty on the track.

"Rock Me"

Sooo many high notes when he performs this song, each one more amazing then the next.

"Little Things"

I'm letting this "little thing slip out of my mouth;" this song just won't be the same.

"Half A Heart"

His verse in this song pretty much sums up how we are all feeling right now. We are "half a heart" without you, Zayn.

"Night Changes"

I've been thinking about it lately... who will take Zayn's verse?


I'll always "hold on because you make me strong," Zayn.

"What Makes You Beautiful"

It's the song that catapulted them into super stardom, and it just won't feel right without our boy.

"Right Now"

Directioners "can't fight the feeling" because "right now I wish you were here with me."

"Kiss You"

We may not hear him perform this song anymore, but at least we can watch him shirtless on a surfboard over and over again.

"Last First Kiss"

I mean, come on, just listen. Bow down.

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