This JC Penney Employee Got Sent Home For Wearing Too-Short Shorts -- From The ‘Career’ Department

But JC Penney tells MTV News employees aren't allowed to wear shorts at all.

Dress-code double standards aren't just a terrible thing schools are guilty of -- sadly, they extend to lots of other places too, including the workplace.

Feminist blogger Sylva Stoel recently posted this picture of herself, wearing a pair of red shorts that she said her boss at JCPenney found "too revealing" and justified as a reason to send her home.


Sylva says she got the shorts from JCPenney's career section.

Sylva also called out JCPenney on Twitter, questioning their efforts to appeal to millennials like her. MTV News reached out to the retailer on Tuesday (July 24), who said, "By way of background, JCPenney's dress code policy for store associates prohibits the wearing of shorts of any length."

In 2013, JCP reversed a more casual dress code embraced by short-lived CEO Ron Johnson, over fears that it made it harder for shoppers to find employees. New CEO Mike Ullman reinstated a business casual code at the time.

The "no shorts" policy is a different message than the one Stoel claims she received in her training.

"The only word the manager said on dress code during my job orientation was that denim was not allowed, T-shirts were unacceptable, spaghetti-strap tank tops weren't allowed and skirts couldn't be 'too short,'" Sylva told Mic. "But I was never warned that wearing linen shorts to work could get me sent home."