This Teen Became A Part Of History With His 'Promposal'

On tonight's episode of the MTV show, Brandon went out all for his boyfriend Noah

A 16-year-old became a part of history -- and caused us to reach for a tissue or two -- when he asked his boyfriend to the year's biggest dance on tonight's Promposal.

"Noah is so inspirational," Aberdeen, North Carolina high school student Brandon said of his better half. "We are one of the only 'out' gay couples in the county, and he means a lot to me."

Promposal Brandon

With that in mind, Brandon set off to create a truly special promposal, even enlisting the help of six friends. But there were a couple of hurdles Brandon had to jump: First off, there was Noah's dad, who apparently wasn't always cool with his son's sexuality.

"[He] didn't accept Noah at first, but he's come a long way," Brandon said, adding, "I don't know what his dad is going to say. What if all of this backfires?"

Second, the 16-year-old needed to visit the historic Weymouth Center -- a 1920s Georgian mansion located on 24 gorgeous acres that now promotes the arts, humanity and more -- to ask if he could make his promposal there.

"I'm scared to admit that it's for my boyfriend," he said beforehand, "because you really don't know the reaction you could get from people."

Turns out, Brandon had little reason to worry: Noah's dad was super-supportive, and Robin from the Weymouth Center was so moved by the request, she literally teared up.

Promposal woman says yes

"My whole purpose and mission is to embrace this sort of a situation," she said. "This is so special, I can't even tell you."

"It's a special place for us. I love the history here," Brandon replied.

"You're going to be a part of the history," Robin added. "Do you know that? You and your boyfriend are going to be a part of this history."

And indeed, they were: The promposal went off without a hitch -- complete with Brandon's heartfelt speech on bended knee, flowers that lit up and spelled "prom," and two of his pals singing Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." Best of all, Noah said yes -- and the duo looked dashing on their big night.

Promposal Brandon and boyfriend

What did you think of Brandon's promposal? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another episode next Monday at 10:30/9:30c.

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