Eyeing Captain Kirk's Chair, Joshua Jackson Auditioned For 'Star Trek'

"The only audition my darling girlfriend has ever been upset with me for not getting the role is Captain Kirk," Jackson says, "She was like 'Look honey, don't screw this up. It's Captain Kirk. It's a legendary role. It is a tough act to follow.'"

Though he does admit that he doesn't think he was that close to winning the part, it's an interesting what-might-have been and may have helped tilt the JJ Abrams love in his favor for his "Fringe" lead. Perhaps this will stir the pot for some "Fringe"/"Star Trek" crossover fanfiction. Get on it, internet.

What's more than missing out on "Trek", the poor guy seems to have an unfortunate history of near-misses with some exciting roles; last year Jackson finally dropped from the running as the next man to take up the "Fletch" mantle in the long-gestating "Fletch Won" adaptation and, even earlier than that, he lost out on the chance to play the caped crusader himself, citing himself as one of the "last four or five guys" up for the role in "Batman Begins."

Could this guy have had what it takes to play Captain Kirk? Or Batman for that matter? What epic role would you like to see Josh Jackson ALMOST cast in? Share your thoughts below.

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