Chumbawamba's Nutter Says She Doesn't Care If You Steal

Chumbawamba's Alice Nutter has a few things to say about her appearance on her "Politically Incorrect" last Tuesday.

As we reported last Friday (see "Virgin Pulls Tubthumping After Nutter Urges: Steal This Album in Headlines), Nutter's remarks on "P.I." about nicking the band's record from chain stores spurred Virgin Record Stores to put the band's top ten album, "Tubthumping" behind the counter.

Nutter told MTV News what she thought she was on the show to discuss. "They wanted to talk about people stealing our record, which is irrelevant in the scheme of things. What I wanted to talk about was why people shoplift and why in some cases it's absolutely valid. Some people have two houses and two cars and luxuries for far more than themselves, and other people struggle to survive day by day. And why, if you're poor, you're not meant to have a good quality of life.

[article id="1441472"]We don't

care if people steal our CD. We're not going to tell them to. That's like saying, 'go out there and get arrested.' It's up to them. We actually don't care."[/article]

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