Watch A Woman Go From Violin Noob To Virtuoso In Under 5 Minutes

If you made a New Year's resolution, take this as inspiration.

A 24-year-old in Norway is getting a lot of attention for the progress she made learning how to play one of the hardest instruments to master.

The woman, known online as Violin Noobie, recorded herself month by month for two years getting to know how to play the violin. By the end, her skill with the string instrument is super impressive.

"I have been playing the violin for two years," Violin Noobie says in the video. "I recorded videos from week 1 until today -- and you might want to lower the volume a tiny bit in the beginning." (Ha.)

What follows is rather inspirational -- she goes from playing "Happy Birthday" with squeaks and mistakes in week 1 to playing "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" by Bach, a song whose title even sounds difficult and complex.

Her short video is a reminder to those of us who have made New Year's resolutions -- stick with them and eventually your dreams will be your reality. ?

Watch the full video below.