Lil Wayne Gets Eight Root Canals In One Day

Rapper's sentencing was delayed due to need for dental surgery.

If reports are to be believed, the dental surgery that delayed [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]'s sentencing on weapons charges was indeed serious business. According to TMZ, Wayne visited his dentist in Miami on Tuesday for an eight-hour session that included eight root canals, work on his signature diamond grills, the replacement of several tooth implants, as well as the addition of a few new implants and work on his remaining original teeth.

A spokesperson for Wayne confirmed the report but clarified that the rapper did not have any work done on his custom grill.

On February 9, a New York judge agreed to [article id="1631576"]delay Wayne's sentencing[/article]

for attempted weapons possession until March 2 in order to allow the [article id="1631658"]rapper's dentist[/article] to do the surgery.

The rapper was originally scheduled to be formally sentenced to begin serving his one-year term from a 2007 arrest on February 9. At the time, lawyer Stacey Richman said the surgery was scheduled for February 12 in Miami and would require 10 days for recovery.

While not entirely unexpected, the delay has surprised many, considering that Wayne has been hard at work in recent weeks [article id="1631607"]recording music and videos[/article] to be released during his time in jail, and even said goodbye to fans in a live streaming video last Tuesday.

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