Meet The ‘Freak' Behind Lana Del Rey’s New Video

The folk-rock songwriter is a longtime mutual fan.

Lana Del Rey is gearing up to release the new video for “Freak” tonight, and she’s taken the opportunity to introduce her fans to one of her favorite songwriters.

At the end of January, Lana announced that “Freak” would be the next single from her new album Honeymoon to get its own video. She also announced the name of her costar: Father John Misty.

So who exactly is Father John Misty? It turns out that Lana’s been a fan of his since 2013, when she gushed about his music in an interview with The feeling seemed to be mutual, too: He posted a photo of LDR to his Facebook page a few months later.

Father John Misty (real name: Josh Tillman) appears in both of the teasers for the “Freak” video, which debuts at 1 a.m. EST tomorrow (February 10). Here are a few more reasons to get hip to his hip-shaking.

He used to be the drummer of Fleet Foxes.

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Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2009 - Day 2

Tillman joined Fleet Foxes on drums right before the release of their self-titled debut. He spent almost four years with the Seattle band, then quit a few months after they put out their follow-up album Helplessness Blues.

He’s a staple on the late show circuit.

In the last few months, Tillman has played both Kimmel and Colbert in support of his latest album I Love You, Honeybear. He even snuck in a performance on Letterman before the Late Show host retired.

His social media game is on point.

From one-liners to haikus to the occasional political commentary, Father John Misty's Twitter feed is full of sarcastic quips—and his Facebook photo roll is pretty great, too.


He's not above making out with himself.

It takes some degree of narcissism to put yourself out there as a singer, and Tillman embraces it wholeheartedly in the bizarre video for "The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment," where he spends a debaucherous evening with his own doppelganger.

He's a fan of Beyoncé—and Beyoncé is a fan of him, too.

In an interview with Under the Radar, Tillman revealed that the best moment of 2015 was when he caught Beyoncé dancing to his set at Coachella. "The low point has been everything since," he said.

His stage banter is legendary.

He interrupted one of his own songs to make fun of a plane-trailing condom ad during Lollapalooza 2015. He's also known for absurd stage setups, like playing in the middle of a giant iPhone screen.

He's got moves.

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When you've got legs that long, the only reasonable thing to do is dance along to your own tunes.

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