Liam Payne Was Very Diplomatic When Asked To Rank One Direction’s Solo Singles

Watch him answer hot questions while eating hot wings

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Liam Payne eat spicy wings for 22 straight minutes, you’re in luck!

The “Strip That Down” singer appears on the latest episode of Hot Ones, where he dishes on an array of topics while devouring pieces of chicken with increasing heat intensity. Among the highlights were Payne revealing which One Direction member cries the most (Harry Styles) and him telling stories of meeting Drake, Diddy, and Jay-Z (spoiler: he promptly got kicked out of a club after meeting Drizzy).

All the while, Payne sweats, curses, dabs, and says corny things like “we’re getting into heat town!” as he struggles with the wing-induced pain. But even with his mouth on fire, he retains his solid sensibility. When asked to rank four of his fellow 1D bandmates’ solo singles, Payne refused, giving a diplomatic answer about how “everybody made the best of what they wanted to make.” What a sweetie.