BANKS' 'Goddess' Album: 3 Must-Hear Tracks

And watch her perform 'Brain' on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.'

I know we're well past Peak Witch by now -- "American Horror Story" has long since found its next Supreme, Azealia Banks dropped her "witch-hop" FANTASEA mixtape over two years ago and I'm honestly a little "The Craft"-ed out at the moment. (I get it, we all think it's amazing.)

But the low-humming drones and cutting lyrics on BANKS' debut album, Goddess, combine to create an incantation-like effect that is nothing if not witchy. And terrifying. And perfect. And damn, I'm obsesssssssssed.

Released Tuesday (September 9), the 14-song LP (18 on the deluxe version) navigates some kind of sonic plane that's a little bit FanMail-era TLC and a little bit Fiona Apple, with a whole lot of Aaliyah's unbothered cool seeping through every pore. (Oh yeah, and the side-swoop bangs -- throw those in, too.) The entirety of 26-year-old Jillian Banks' album is absolutely worth a listen, but here are three standout tracks.

1.) "Brain"

As if that "oo-oo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oo-ah" weren't mesmerizing enough, BANKS laid waste to the "Late Night With Seth Meyers" stage Monday night with an explosive performance of "Brain." Like, I'm having trouble finding the words -- literally hurting my brain -- to describe the power she exhibited. Just watch the clip.

2.) "Beggin For Thread"

Much like on "Brain" and the title-track, BANKS is out in full, fool-eviscerating force on "Beggin For Thread": "My words can come out as a pistol/ I'm no good at aiming/ But I can aim it at you." And that unwavering gaze in the video! The California native could win a staring contest with one of those "evil eye" trees in Cappadocia.

3.) "And I Drove You Crazy"

For a change of pace, check out "And I Drove You Crazy," which features some restrained T-Boz growling straight out of "FanMail" or "Silly Ho." Although BANKS cautions that "You should have seen that I'd only mess you up," I highly suggest that you disregard that warning and fall fully under her spell.

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