23 Adorable 'Pretty Little Liars' Behind The Scenes Photos To Help You With The Long, Long Wait

Can we hang out on the "PLL" set, too?

"Pretty Little Liars" has been off of the air for a few months now, and the hiatus is KILLING US. Sure, we probably need some time apart to process that epic "A" reveal and to speculate about how all of the Liars might have changed during the course of their five-year time jump... BUT THEN, we start thinking about how we're not getting a "PLL" Halloween episode and Hiatus Hysteria starts to set in. ?

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miss me

Fear not, friends. If you suffer from this same condition, there is a temporary solution: the adorable behind-the-scenes photos the "PLL" cast gifts us with via social media. While we collectively try not to think about how we still have a few months until "PLL" returns to us, check out this BTS photos of what life is like on the "PLL" set...

Sometimes, the cast has to get up SO early...

"Work?!? Now?!? (Only 4 more wake ups!)," Troian captioned this pic.

But it's OK, because they can take lots of naps on set.

Yep, that's Ashley Benson and Holly Marie Combs (aka Ella Montgomery) being adorable together.

Seriously, all of the naps.


And, when that doesn't work, there's always coffee...

Is this not how you order your morning coffee?

Or Snapchat popularity battles...

We love you both!

Or glamorous photo shoots...

This is totally what we look like when we're sleep deprived.

In other news, Troian Bellisario is killing it with her five-years-later bangs.

"SPoOby 4EVa❤️❤️#fiveyearsforward," Keegan Allen (Toby) says. There for it.

Seriously, tho. Spencer's bangs! ?

Troian thinks she looks like a "dumb vampire"? Perfect! One step closer to our dreams of a "Vampire Diaries"/"PLL" crossover being realized.

Plus, the bangs totally work if she ever wants to become a librarian.

(And can we talk about Keegan Allen's mad photography skills?!)

Troian the Librarian recommends watching everything Lucy Hale has ever been in...

"I've been watching @lucyhale it for 6 years. She always lights up a screen," Troian captioned this Instragram snapshot. Be still, our "PLL" family-loving hearts.

Seriously, this cast hearts each other SO MUCH.

Apparently, this photo started as a staged laugh and turned into a real one.

Sometimes, they wear shirts with pictures of their ships on them...

What's going on with #Spoby post-time jump, tho?!

And, sometimes, they eat cookies with pictures of their faces on them...

Other times, they just casually call their on-screen love interests "angel."

"Angel @tylerjblackburn #haleb," Ash captioned this photo. 

And they never make you choose between your fave character combos...

In the words of Troian: "#Sparia & #Spoby you lucky ducks."

(Although, if we had to, we might choose #TeamHastings)

"It's been 6 years and I still love scenes with these women. The strongest in rosewood are the WOMEN OF THE HOUSE OF HASTINGS. (But Nolan we miss you too!!!)," Troian captioned this pic. BRB. There's something in my eye. ?

(But also: #TeamSparia5ever)

Sometimes, they casually stalk one another on set...

"I look creepy AF in this picture but working with the benz today," Luce says. 

But the stalking comes from a place of love...

"We are so lucky to have such talented gents on this show," Troian captions.

Or a place of pride...

"We're the best sleuthin' team in all of Rosewood," Troian boasts.

When Troian's not sleuthing, she's working on her directing game...

"Shadowing means no make up. Comfortable clothes and telling @shaym what to do in heels," Troian captioned this photo, while she was shadowing "PLL" director Roger Kumble for the day.

Or praising the "PLL" crew for everything they do...

"How lucky am I that I get to shadow my good friend and amazing director @rogerkumble on an episode written by @badge714 ?."

Because, yeah, there are so many people who make this show happen...

"It takes a village. #pll," Troian captions.

And we're so grateful to have it...

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