Ol' Dirty Bastard Tells Why He Stormed Grammy Stage

"Something just jumped into my blood," O.D.B. told MTV News' Chris Connelly backstage at Radio City Music Hall.

For those of you who somehow missed O.D.B.'s Grammy-making moment, the rapper mysteriously appeared at the podium just as Colvin was to receive her Song of the Year Grammy, and then launched into a brief statement praising his group and his Grammy night outfit (see [article id="1429493"]"Wu-Tang's O.D.B. Bumrushes Grammy Podium"[/article] in the Headlines area of MTV News Online). Dirty and his Wu-mates were nominated for Best Rap Album, but lost to Puff Daddy.

"Puffy and all the other artists are good artists, but I think Wu-Tang... hey, we're number one." [700k QuickTime]

When asked if he thought that the Grammy stage was the appropriate place to express that view, O.D.B. answered with a hesitant but affirmative, "Yes."

[550k QuickTime]

Dirty did offer a public apology after the incident, but it was not immediately apparent who he was apologizing to. When asked if he felt sorry for stepping on what should have been a highlight of Colvin's career, O.D.B. said, "I apologize, my darling... I think it was her speech that really attracted me up to the stage at that point in time to do that. So, no disrespect at all. Thank you." [850k QuickTime]

It's worth noting that, despite Dirty's comments, Colvin had not yet begun her speech when he hit the stage, and he may have been referring to Erykah Badu, who presented the Grammy to Colvin with Wyclef Jean.

While he offered apologies and explanations for his outburst, many Grammy watchers praised O.D.B. for livening up the proceedings. Wyclef told reporters afterwards, "O.D.B. will be remembered as the legend, the man in the red suit."

Meanwhile, others missed the point entirely. The "New York Daily News" attributed Dirty's rant to a "long-running war of words" between Wu-Tang and Puffy, that in reality does not exist.

It's been a banner week for O.D.B. who, before Wednesday's Grammy stunt, had already pulled a four-year-old girl from a burning car (see [article id="1429494"]"Ol' Dirty Bastard Saves Child"[/article]) and announced that he would launch his own clothing line (see [article id="1429495"]"Wu-Tang's ODB To Launch 'My Dirty Wear'"[/article]).

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