50 Cent Vs. Rick Ross, Round One Million

Or something like that.

The origin of 50 Cent and Rick Ross' feud dates back over five years, to a point when both were at vastly different stages in their careers, but the veteran rappers still fire shots in each other's direction every now and then for sport. And the game was on again on Friday (Nov. 6).

As he often does, 50 kicked things off, posting a picture of a shirt that depicts Ross' naked torso. Boredom will do that to you sometimes.

"Lmao ?I ain't have nothing to do so, #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO #nomorepuffyjuice #nobumjuice over here. I'm selling these for $2.95," he wrote.

It took just a couple hours for Ricky to catch wind and fire back. He reposted Fif's pic, and editorialized it a bit: "Forced into #BANKRUPTCY now the Donkey @50cent WORKING 4 #MMG Merch co. selling T's for 2.95 on the #BLACKMARKET haaa!"

Despite what Ross says, as far as I can tell, this isn't actually official MMG merch. There is something similar at the crew's official store, but it looks like this exact top is sold -- actually, sold out -- at PizzaSlime.

In terms of the bankruptcy shot -- that's nothing new. After 50 filed for bankruptcy back in July, Ricky used it as an opportunity to clown him in an October interview.

“Get rich or die tryin’ and now you bankrupt,” Ross said. “You could come back here tomorrow and explain it and say, ’I’m doing this. I’m doing that.’ Stop. There’s holes in your roof, fam.”

What's a Friday without a little (not so) friendly back-and-forth between two rap stars?

Until next time, folks.

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