Kristen Bell Is Very Open To Reprising Her Role In The 'Gossip Girl' Update

'I find that to be very exciting'

Kristen Bell stopped by to chat Hulu’s Veronica Mars with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz during San Diego Comic-Con, but the conversation turned bi-coastal when they took a detour out of Neptune, California, and found themselves on New York’s Upper East Side.

Just days after news broke that HBO Max will be bringing Gossip Girl back to our screens with 10 new hour-long episodes sometime after the platform’s planned 2020 launch, Gossip Girl herself revealed that she has known the news since July, when the show’s creator Josh Schwartz embedded it in an extremely happy birthday email.

“I find that to be very exciting,” Bell told Horowitz. And although we’ve been steered away from calling it a reboot and aren’t quite sure whether any of our faves will appear in the upcoming storylines, Bell added that she would indeed be open to re-joining the show she spent years narrating.

But just how different will the show look some eight years after it last aired? After all, the way we use the internet and social media is different now than it was even in 2012. Well, Bell suggests, perhaps it won’t be so different.

“That deep, dark, catty voice is not from the internet. It is from the depths of our human souls. It is called jealousy and pretentiousness and all of the other sort of negative emotions that we idolize where someone needs to feel bigger than someone else, and keeping tabs on them is the way to do it,” she said. “And we’ve called that thing ‘the internet’, but I think that it’s a voice inside all of us. So I don’t think she’s changed much at all. I think she’s still doing her thing.”

For more from Bell, including her thoughts on the recently dropped new episodes of Veronica Mars, Frozen II’s inevitable earworm, and her reaction to the Cats trailer, check out the full interview above.

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