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Da Brat Discusses Pain Of Past Breakups, Goes To 'Chuch' On New LP

Windy City MC will make a few guest appearances on Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet tour this summer.

Da Brat has been called many things throughout her almost decade-long career -- boisterous, versatile, unabashed and even sexy -- but never "sweet as a nun." On her June 24 release, Limelite, Luv and Niteclubz, that changes as she raps about a love relationship gone wrong.

"He thought I was Virgin Mary …" Brat rhymes on "I Was the One," comparing herself to Whoopi Goldberg's mentally abused character Celie in the film "The Color Purple." She also rhymes about being cooped up in the house that she's had to clean until she got blisters. Fortunately, before the first verse is over, the micstress has an awakening and ends her relationship with the guy because he wanted her to live up to the perfect housewife image. Brat-ta-tat-tat also unleashes some Chi-town tough talk on a former best friend who didn't support her dreams (see [article id="1470784"]"Da Brat Talks About Being In Luv, Teams With Mariah On New LP"[/article]).

And while Jermaine Dupri's longest standing So So Def act is probably the furthest thing from the Virgin Mary, she does still make time to go to "chuch." But "chuch" doesn't refer to the place you go to hear a fire-and-brimstone sermon -- it's all about a positive state of mind and being.

"I'm chuch, I'm smoking, I'm sharp, I'm hot, I'm sexy, I'm bangin,' I rock," Brat boasts over the funky track. Meanwhile, the cut's guest star, Cee-Lo, picks up where she leaves off.

"If you see me when I come around (that's chuch)," the portly MC sings in almost a smooth sermon-like tone. "Breaking all these hoes down (that's chuch)/ Got some Cadillac and Bentleys (that's chuch)/ Money to the ceiling (that's chuch)."

The preaching carries over to the L.T. Hutton-produced "Get Somebody," where Da Brat laments letting her guard down and falling in love. She says the relationship ended when she was cheated on, and it hurt so bad the braided MC says she now has to call Miss Cleo for advice on whether or not the next man is worth the hassle.

"If you get somebody/ Don't tell everybody 'cause somebody is gonna crash your party," advises another one of the album's guest stars, Keisha Jackson, the daughter of famed soul singer Millie Jackson, on the hook.

Elsewhere on the album, Brat doesn't display quite as much emotion. In fact, she raps as cold as a gust of wind through her hometown, and that's a good thing. On songs like "World Premiere" and "Got It Poppin' " she shows no remorse in flossin' her ice-cold mic skills.

This summer you might get a chance to see Brat's skills live and in person if you check out Mariah Carey's tour in support of her latest LP, Charmbracelet (see [article id="1471917"]"Mariah Carey Scraps Arena Tour, Opts To Get More Intimate"[/article]). The Windy City MC said she'll be making a few guest appearances with her good friend (see [article id="1472062"]"Mariah Carey Adding Some New Charms To Her Bracelet"[/article]).