11 'To Be Continued' Hip-Hop Videos That Were Never Continued

Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Snoop all lied to us with these 'to be continued' videos.

Who doesn't love a good cliff hanger? First, you get the dramatic build, and then the thrill, and finally that gut-wrenching moment of suspense. Sometimes, you have to wait for the pay-off, but when executed right, it's well worth the wait.

OK, so what happens when that moment never comes? You hide years of disappointment by making a list of to be continued hip-hop videos that never delivered.

"Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)" - Jay Z

Hov rarely disappoints, but he really let us down by not giving us a second part to this video. In a room filled with friends like Diddy, Nas and Mariah Carey, who would want to take out Jay? Luckily, Mack Wilds takes a bullet for the Roc boss, but what happens next? Guess we'll never know.

"In My Lifetime (Remix)" - Jay Z

Wouldn't be the first time Jigga left us hanging. In the video for his 1995 "In My Lifetime (Remix)" video, Hovie gets snatched up by the cops and after the screen reads "It ain't over..."

"Glaciers of Ice" - Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah

Rae and Ghost plan the heist of all heists, but slip and get tied-up in a warehouse where they are about to be tortured. "The saga continues...," or so we thought, because the next time we saw Wu's dynamic in video, they were rocking the finest fabrics in their "Criminology."

"Icy" - Gucci Mane

Yes, Gucci Mane has given us so much. We've gotten four mixtapes this year alone -- all released while he was in jail. But what Guwop hasn't given us is a continuation to his "Icy" video.

"Renee" - Lost Boyz

"Renee" is one of hip-hop's most tragic stories. After Mr. Cheeks loses the love of his life to a senseless act of violence, he confronts her killer in a dramatic cliff hanger.

"Horse & Carriage" - Cam'ron feat. Mase

Props to Cam'ron for delivering on his promise by following up his "357" video with "Horse & Carriage." Shortly after "H&C" dropped however, Cam and his co-star Ma$e had a falling out and we never got to see the next part of the video series.

"We On Fire" - Hot Boys

What happens after the ATF come from Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Turk and B.G.? Guess we'll never know.

"Get Off The Corner" - Lil Wayne

"We On Fire" wasn't the only time Weezy was foiled by the cops at the end of a music video, check the closing seconds of "Get Off the Corner" and tell us if that looks familiar.

"Lay Low" - Snoop Dogg feat. Nate Dogg, Tha Eastsiderz and Master P

This Snoop video was beautiful, with its 1920s setting and fancy costume design. A proper sequel would've been nice, but expensive, too.

"Slang Editorial" - Cappadonna

Wu-Tang were repeat offenders when it came to not following up with their videos and Cappadonna dropped the ball when he left us hanging with the video for 1998's "Slang Editorial." Granted, Cap did finally give us the continuation 14 years later with "Slang Editorial 2," but we're going to file this one under: Too Little, Too Late.

"Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide" - AZ feat. Nas

Technically AZ never promised us a second part to "Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide." Actually the closing scene read: "Never To Be Continued...," but fans were hoping he didn't really mean that.