New Song: Ne-Yo And Cher Lloyd, 'It's All Good'

Cher Lloyd and Ne-Yo team for "It's All Good"

Ne-Yo and Cher Lloyd team up for the Fruttare-commissioned "It's All Good."

Know those Fruttare fruit bar things? Well, they're more than just an icy-cold refreshment to eat when you're sweating to death in an NYC heat wave -- they're also music makers! Well, kind of: Fruttare commissioned Ne-Yo and Cher Lloyd to record a song for them, called "It's All Good." Which could either be interpreted as "don't stress about the little things in life" and/or "all good things in the world remind me of this fruit bar." Maybe both? Whatever, ice pops and songs! What do we have to complain about?

Listen to Ne-Yo and Cher Lloyd's "It's All Good" after the jump.

Cowritten by Ne-Yo and Cher, the lyrics to "It's All Good" came from fan submissions on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Set to a light and bouncy guitar-driven track, Cher and Ne-Yo sing a two-part harmony about keeping it chill: "But when it's all said and done/ It's all good.../ Gotta learn to roll with the punches/ And say it's all good." Yeah, man, just chill and don't stress. And maybe have a Fruttare to calm you down when you're about to go HAM on a bag of Doritos? WAY fewer calories.

+ Listen to Ne-Yo and Cher Lloyd's "It's All Good," and cop a free download of the song on Fruttare's website.

+ Watch Cher Lloyd and Ne-Yo's "It's All Good" behind-the-scenes video.

Photo credit: Fruttare

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