Yes, There's Going To Be A 'Marcel The Shell' Movie. And It Will Have Songs In It.

And Jenny Slate shares poor little Marcel's origin story.

Commence freakout: There are plans to make a "Marcel the Shell (With Shoes On)" feature-length movie, and it's going to have songs in it.

That's right: Marcel's gonna sing some sweet tunes.

Jenny Slate, the creator and teeny tiny voice of the fan favorite stop-motion short films chronicling the trials and triumphs of an anthropomorphized shell and his very small shoes, recently caught up with MTV News in New York City.

She was doing the press rounds for her new movie "Obvious Child," a very funny and very true-to-life take on a young stand-up comedian who gets pregnant after a chance meeting that turns into a delightful, drunken evening. Of course, being one of Marcel's many fans, I couldn't be in a room without asking Slate to do Marcel's signature squeaky voice at least once.

And, apparently, Slate couldn't leave the room without not only reciting famous movie lines (watch out, "Jurassic Park," you've been Marcel-ified), but also sharing a detailed version of how she came up with Marcel's voice, and plans for a feature-length movie with songs in it.

Yes. A movie. A whole movie.

Oh, and she also performs a soulful rendition of "My Mother Got Lost In A Rug," a Marcel original about -- well, you can guess.

Check out the interview above for the whole scoop, and check out "Obvious Child," in theaters now.