Lil Scrappy Recalls Momma Dee's Gritty Pimp Days

'At the end of the day, mom took care of home,' 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' star Scrappy tells 'RapFix Live.'

One episode in, VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" already has captivated audiences with its wild cast of characters. Perhaps the most magnetic of the bunch is Momma Dee, mother to rap star Lil Scrappy.

Momma Dee comes off as overprotective and overbearing, but it is clear that there is nothing she wouldn't do for her children, including selling drugs and pimping to make ends meet. When Lil Scrappy appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live," he opened up about the lengths his mother went to to provide for him.

"Mom dukes was layin' it down hard back in the day when I was coming up," Lil Scrappy said. He recalled a time when a prostitute who was working for his mother left to join with a rival pimp. When Momma Dee finally met up with her ex-worker, violence ensued and a young Scrappy was there to witness it all.

"My mama caught her slippin' in traffic and bust her across the head with a crowbar," he recalled. "That crowbar was stuck in her head and she was sittin' there shakin'."

While the incident affected him at the time, the ATL rapper now awkwardly laughs it off. While Scrappy admits that he had to see some pretty awful things as a youngster, he doesn't resent his mom for any of it.

"I had to sleep in a room with mom dukes, and my little sister because all the whores was using the rooms to do their thing," he said. "But at the end of the day, mom took care of home. Me and my sister ain't never had to hurt for nothin'."

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