Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Video: Frame By Frame

Director X sits down with MTV News and breaks down the sexy new clip, including the deets on 'Chunky Bieber.'

Justin Bieber drives fast cars, nuzzles with one very lovely young woman and gets his dance on in his [article id="1684600"]record-setting "Boyfriend" video[/article]. Fairly simple in its concept, the video is a snapshot of what it would be like to party with the teen star and his hip friends on a rooftop in Los Angeles.

MTV News recently sat down with [article id="1684418"]Director X[/article], and he broke down what it was like to hit the set with the 18-year-old as he readies the next phase of his career, the more mature [article id="1684079"]Believe era[/article]. The video is the lead visual off Bieber's June 19 album, and X took us through the clip, frame by frame.

"We start this off with the car stunts," he said of the opening shot. "We wrecked that car by the way; both of those Mustangs were pretty shot after this video, completely shot after this video."

From there, fans are invited to Bieber's car-themed rooftop bash, one that recalls the type of shindig another teen idol from back in the day may have thrown.

"So we got this rooftop here in L.A., starting our day with Justin and he's pulling up. We got all the cool kids hanging out," X said. "Justin's new look, he's kind of got a James Dean thing going on here. That's really Justin driving that Mustang ... and he did all the stunts by himself, completely. That's all him," X joked. "Actually, that's us holding the car. We put the car on these wheels and we pushed it around in circles while Justin pretended to drive."

Justin's "smooth" driving moves are matched only by the real ones he uses on his female co-star, Rachel Barnes. "We got Justin with the girl, pulling [her] around [with the] kids dancing, 'cause you know how kids do. That's what goes on [at these get-togethers]: Someone brings out their guitar and the party happens," he explained.

"The idea really was to show a lifestyle piece — Justin hanging out — to show that he's older ... just to see this new vibe," the director added. "We get to see that he's growing into his manhood. [We] just [wanted] to get in an environment where we can show that naturally, just have fun and get the vibe of who he is."

While Bieber and his lady love in the video captured fans' attention, a co-star who was dubbed "Chunky Bieber" on-set has also gotten some buzz. X explained, "[Chunky Bieber] came with one of the cars and somehow [Bieber's manager], Scooter [Braun], I don't know how in the world they got into conversation where Chunky Bieber started dancing somehow." Apparently it all went down when the director wasn't looking. "They taped 'Chunky Bieber' to his shirt and Chunky Bieber got in the video."

As the video closes out, Justin's dancing skills are on full display. "Got some footage of Justin dancing, [and] those are really his feet," Director X said. "He can do that, and that's it: Justin Bieber, bad boy."

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