Demi Lovato Talks Hosting Teen Choice Awards With Friend Kevin McHale

by Ashleigh Schmitz

Between her summer tour and traveling for her new job as judge on "The X Factor," busy lady Demi Lovato took a Sunday off from her regular duties to host the 14th annual Teen Choice Awards last night. MTV News caught up with her before the show to talk hosting prep and her fierce look.

"I just prepared by reading over the lines with my friend Kevin [McHale]," Demi said of her "Glee" star co-host. "I feel like a lot of it is going to be improv, just because we know each other really well, we grew up together, so a lot of it's going to be us joking back and forth with each other, which is really fun."

Unfortunately hosting gigs don’t mean the inside track or spoilers on the winners. Demi wasn’t privy to that top-secret info "because they were rehearsing [with fake names]," she revealed. "So they could have said one winner was someone and someone else wins later; it wasn't all for sure."

Rocking a daring, patterned metallic dress, Demi said that with her busy schedule she didn’t have a chance to look anywhere for hosting inspiration, but she did add that she just wanted to feel comfortable with what she was wearing. (Job well done, ma'am!)