'Catfish' Sneak Peek: The Stakes Are High For This Mother Of Three

Brittany has already 'introduced' Bryon to her kids.

Nev and Max have certainly seen their share of lovelorn “Catfish” victims, but in the upcoming episode, they meet a woman in an extra-precarious situation. As Max puts it, “She definitely has a lot more on the line than most anyone who has ever written into the show.”

The reason: Brittany, a recently divorced mother of three who forged an online romance with a man named Bryon, has already "introduced" her suitor to her children via telephone and let them form a relationship with him.

"I opened up to this person, and I love him," she says in the sneak peek below. "When I brought my kids into the situation, I made it even bigger."

Bryon, meanwhile, has shared some pretty personal details about his life with Brittany -- including the fact that he suffers from PTSD and often has disturbing visions of the war. And despite the fact that he and Brittany have seemingly bonded, he's already showing one suspicious "Catfish" quality: He refuses to talk via videochat.

"I pray to God he hasn't lied about anything," Brittany says, as Nev and Max cast sympathetic looks of doubt.

So what's the truth behind Bryon? Is he everything Brittany hoped for, or is he a bona fide catfish? Find out during the season finale of "Catfish," premiering right before the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday at 7/6c and then an encore airing on Wednesday at 10/9c!