Rick Ross Promises Another Jay Z Feature On His 'Hood Billionaire' Album

And explains why he doubled up on releases this year.

Rick Ross is doubling up on releases this year. After dropping Mastermind in the spring, he's returning this fall with Hood Billionaire. The project is set to drop on November 24, and Rozay says that some of this music rolled over from his earlier recording sessions -- plus, there's another Jay Z feature.

During a visit to "The Breakfast Club," he explained why we're getting two releases from him this year.

"I felt like I made two albums because it was two different feelings," he said. "Mastermind was the type of album that I wanted to have a rich feel to it, I wanted it to have....nostalgia at the beginning, that throwback Puff feel midway through it...just certain energies."

Hood Billionaire is a different story, though.

"This right here -- this is my Geechi Liberace, this a gold ring on every finger, we're holding the bottles in the sky letting the champagne run down our arm," he said, painting the picture. "It's just that feel-good record, a lot of 808s, real bass heavy and its gon' feel different to you, so it's gon' feel like a full year from the Bawse."

He describes his most recent release, "Keep Doin' That (Rich Bitch)," featuring R. Kelly, as a feel good record that "the chicks gon' be able to turn up to," while "the bosses [can] lean on the wall a little bit."

He didn't go in depth about his Jay Z feature, only promising that we can expect to hear him on this album, as well. They previously teamed up for Mastermind's "The Devil Is A Lie."