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Geri Halliwell Nixes Talk Of Spice Girls Reunion

Looks like Geri Halliwell won't be joining her former Spice Girl bandmates onstage at next month's Brit Awards, when the girl power group will receive a special award for their lifetime achievement.

Halliwell, who is up for two other Brit Awards and will perform at the show, announced Thursday that she was more than happy to let the four remaining Spice Girls enjoy the award on their own, according to the Press Association.

Organizers had been hoping that the award, which will honor the Spice Girls for their "Outstanding Contribution To The British Music Industry," would give the public a chance to see a reconciliation of Halliwell and the Spice Girls (see [article id="1434439"]"Spice Girls Recognized For Lifetime Achievement"[/article]).

In related news, Halliwell was in London's High Court on Friday to discuss her split from the group in May 1998, which has recently spurred a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Spice Girls by one of

the co-sponsors of the Girls' 1998 world tour (see [article id="1434438"]"Spice Girls Scooter Suit Underway"[/article]).

During her testimony, Halliwell claimed that the rest of the Spice Girls didn't believe when she initially told them of her plans to leave the group barely two weeks before the launch of a U.S. tour.