Pink Gets Engaged To Motocross Champion Carey Hart

Singer reportedly held up sign reading 'Will you marry me?' at racetrack

Carey Hart is about to make a married woman out of Pink. The on-again, off-again couple is officially engaged, according to the singer's management, who confirmed the news on Thursday.

Apparently, Pink was the one who did the proposing, according to eyewitnesses at the Pro 250 class finals in Mammoth, California, on Sunday. During the motocross champion's third lap on the race, Pink wrote on a pit board, "Will You Marry Me?" and held it up in front of the grandstands, according to the Mammoth Times. Then, as Hart continued another lap, Pink wrote on the board again, this time, "I'm serious!" Hart then pulled off the track, letting his competitors pass him, and picked up the singer.

Pink and Hart met at the 2001 X Games in Las Vegas and dated for a few years before shooting a scene together in 2002 for "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (see [article id="1457684"]"Pink Shoots 'Charlie's Angels' Role, Records Song For Soundtrack"[/article]).

They broke up for a while when she was promoting Try This, her first album with love songs.

"['Love Song'] is definitely more about fear than the average 'I love you, I found you, I'm going to be with you for the rest of my life,' " she told MTV News while promoting that album. "It's more based on the fear that comes along with loving someone."

Pink is nearing completion on her fourth, as-yet-untitled album (see [article id="1496527"]"Pink Says The Fire Is Back And She's Pissed Off Again"[/article]), which she's working on with the RZA, Rob Thomas, Billy Mann and Butch Walker, among others.

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