'Sucker Punch' Stars Hope Action Flick 'Hits You In The Gut'

Vanessa Hudgens teases MTV News at the film's premiere, 'Sucker punch means you don't know what's coming.'

For those who've seen the trailers, TV spots and highly stylized posters, you're likely aware that "Sucker Punch" descends upon theaters on Friday. Zack Snyder's estrogen-fueled flick has been billed as a curious, complex, action-adventure-fantasy, but despite the promotional push, it's safe to say that plenty of people are still scratching their heads, wondering, "What the heck is 'Sucker Punch'?"

MTV News headed out to the film's star-studded, slightly rain-soaked premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday night to find out.

"Sucker punch means you don't know what's coming," Vanessa Hudgens said simply. "It's being knocked out by something unexpected," co-star Jena Malone added.

"Sucker punch is this idea of taking an unexpected blow," Abbie Cornish said, adding in a brief plot summary to her definition as well. "A lot of the girls are totally unprepared for what's about to happen to them. They've been living in this institution and Baby Doll [played by Emily Browning] comes along and changes their whole perception of freedom, of hope, of escapism," she explained. "And so their ways of life are challenged, they're sucker-punched with this whole idea of freedom."

Director Zack Snyder, who created the story along with co-writer Steve Shibuya, continued with the "expect the unexpected" theme.

"I think it means two things: If you have preconceived ideas about what these girls are capable of, you're going to get a sucker punch," he said. "And also too, there's actually a thing in the movie, a physical thing that supplies the sucker punch as well."

Carla Gugino said the title of the film and the idea itself are fun because there's a lot left up to interpretation or theories. She also echoed the sentiments of her co-stars.

"To me, a sucker punch is one of those things you least expect, that you're unprepared for, but that hits you in the gut," she said. "And I think that hopefully this movie is, and this movie embodies that."

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