T.I. Flips The Script On Police Brutality In ‘Warzone’ Video

‘Hands up, can’t breathe’

What if white people were the victims of racism and injustice? That’s the question posed in T.I.’s powerful video for “Warzone,” the most politically charged release of his career.

The video imagines what it would look like if everyday white people were targeted by police. Taking that scenario one step further, we see reenactments of the murders of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and Philando Castile, with white actors in the victims’s places. Footage of T.I. rapping the song’s Black Lives Matter–inspired “Hands up / Can’t breathe” chorus is interspersed throughout. The thought-provoking clip ends with a long list of names of people killed by law enforcement, as well as a poignant quote: “The new racism, is to deny that racism exists.”

“Warzone” appears on T.I.’s upcoming EP, Us or Else.

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