Here's Why There's No Men's History Month

'Women's History Month isn't about taking away anything from men.'

March is Women's History Month, which might make some of you wonder -- what about the fellas?

In the video above, MTV News breaks down exactly why a men's history month isn't necessary. The calendar year is already chock-full of holidays and events that celebrate stuff men have done -- *cough* Columbus Day *cough* Presidents Day *cough* -- while few of us know about women's achievements. For example, did you know three women -- Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi -- started the official Black Lives Matter organization?

As Gaby Wilson puts it, "It's like we celebrate so many dudes that we're running out of dudes to celebrate."

"There's still institutionalized sexism that prevents us from achieving or even earning the same amount as a man. It's insane," Priya Patel explains. Insane, indeed.

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