Daniel Radcliffe Has Been Dressing Up As Spider-Man At Comic-Con: See The Proof

With a bonus selfie, of course.

You best know him as The Boy Who Lived, but Daniel Radcliffe has yet another surprise for you: Dude moonlights as Spider-Man.

Radcliffe stopped by MTV's San Diego Comic-Con livestream today to chat about his new movie, "Horns," and decided to share his secret identity with us.

Whomp, there it is!

Radcliffe, owing to his hard nerd cred (being Harry Potter will do that to a person), obviously has a tough time walking the convention hall floor here at Comic-Con without being mobbed. His solution, like so many other recognizable faces before him, is to wear a mask. Actually, he has a full Spidey suit. He was kind enough to model part of it for us.

So, con-goers, watch out. The next webslinger you see may just be the Chosen One in disguise.

In case you forgot what Radcliffe looks like sans Peter Parker getup, he took a selfie to share with you.



Hi, Dan!

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