Amy Winehouse's Death 'Extremely Sad,' Fans Say

'It's a great loss for music,' fan tells MTV News.

Music fans the world over are mourning the [article id="1667799"]tragic death of Amy Winehouse[/article], who died Saturday at the age of 27. Throughout her career, the British songstress earned both accolades through her breakthrough album, Back to Black, which earned her five Grammys, and notoriety for her substance abuse.

As many of her celebrity fans took to [article id="1667804"]Twitter[/article] to express their sadness, MTV News caught up with some of her fans in Times Square, who had plenty to say about both sides of Winehouse's life. Fan Kristen Brumley said, "It's not an extreme shock if it is drug or alcohol related, but it's extremely sad."

Korde Tuttle also spoke about Winehouse's sometimes-vocal fondness for drugs and drink, saying, "I really hope it's a wake-up call for not only her fans but music lovers in general and people who may have used substances. There is a limit, and the world got to see her reach that limit, and that's really sad."

Despite Winehouse's multiple and well-publicized attempts at cleaning up, fellow Brit Tuesday Holder admitted, "I think it was meant to come," mentioning that the singer's passing "was kind of inevitable, but it's a bit sad. She was so young."

Fans will forever remember Winehouse for her most powerful and lasting contribution: her music. "I think Amy Winehouse brought a new aspect of music back," fan Kate Coyne said, "and she really gave women who wanted to sing blues a voice, and I think that was great."

Holder expressed the same sentiment, saying, "I think it's a great loss for music, especially U.K. music. She was a great artist, a great songwriter, and I think she had a lot more to come out of."

Nakia Williams spoke of Winehouse's unique style: "Her crazy look! Her hair, her big hair, her tattoos!"

Most fans said they hope the mark she made in pop culture through her powerful pipes and signature looks won't be outshined by her darker days. As fan Hector Castillo stated, "I would say just to remember the music she created that's going to be listened to for a long time."


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