Lady Gaga Wants Next Album To Be Her 'Iconic Moment'

Singer says she is 'much more self-aware' on the new project.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is looking to make history with her next album. The singer, who recently revealed that her [article id="1639858"]upcoming LP will be "more spiritual,"[/article] took some time to participate in a live video interview with, during which she spoke about the importance of making her mark in the music industry and the completion of the project.

"This new album is my chance to create what in 20 years will be seen as my iconic moment," she said during the broadcast. "That's what you should always aim at."

Fans shouldn't expect another heavy-hitting partnership like her collaboration with Beyoncé on "Telephone"; Gaga is focused on holding her own: "At this very moment, I really don't want to do any collaborations, especially contemporary ones because I want to really stand on my own two feet."

She also revealed that the forthcoming project was inspired by her "little monsters." "My new album that I'm creating, which is finished pretty much, was written with this new instinctual energy that I've developed getting to know my fans," she said. "They protect me, so now it's now my destiny to protect them."

Gaga also said she's learned the importance of being a leader for her fans.

"Particularly with my next album, I'm much more self-aware of my spiritual and leadership connection to my little monsters and the world in the way that any artist is a leader in that way," she said. "I don't particularly think that things like sex and drugs and talking about things openly in that way are wrong or necessarily bad for young kids, but I think the most terrible thing you can do is be prejudiced. I would say that emphatically in my career, I am against prejudice. I am very against prejudice. I am very against judging any particular kind of personal people or thing or idea. I think it is very important to be free and full of non-judgment. I guess I would say that is how I religiously and spiritually lead my fans is in that way. I am OK with that responsibility."

In December, [article id="1628855"]Gaga spoke to MTV News[/article] about how she planned to get inspired on her everlasting Monster Ball Tour: "I wrote The Fame Monster during the last tour, so ... I assume that it will inspire some kind of new sonic energy and lyrical style."

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