A$AP Rocky Has Some Very Disrespectful Things To Say About Rita Ora On His 'A.L.L.A.' Album

He gets specific.

Lyrics that disrespect women are, unfortunately, nothing new in rap.

And so it is, unfortunately, no surprise that A$AP Rocky carries on the storied tradition on "Better Things," off of his new album, A.L.L.A., which hit stores on Tuesday, a week before its scheduled release.

The track and its lyrics are particularly notable, too, because rather than generalized misogyny, Rocky offers a very specific kind, pointed directly at Rita Ora.

He raps: "I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth/ Next time I see her might curse the bitch out/ Kicked the bitch out once 'cause she bitched out/ Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce."

There hadn't been reports (or even rumors) about a relationship, of any level, between Rocky and Rita, which makes this all the more curious -- especially when you consider that he's calling her out for having a "big mouth," yet he's the one bringing their history up to the world.

Listeners on Twitter had a wide range of reactions to the track.

Some were appalled and critical of Rocky

So ASAP Rocky is shaming Rita Ora for having a sexual encounter with him, bet he would have shamed her if she did nothing too.

— African Renaissance (@JJ_Bola) May 26, 2015

Patriarchy conditions men to fear women's sexual agency. Look at those lyrics. Ugh.

— African Renaissance (@JJ_Bola) May 26, 2015

If as a rapper/MC you cant get out of using the B word/N word in your raps, your artistry is rubbish. Your expression is conditioned.

— African Renaissance (@JJ_Bola) May 26, 2015

I hate stupid exes. We didnt even know Rita Ora let Asap Rocky hit it. I dont even like her but he's so wrong for talking all that nonsense.

— Ima Rihanna Fenty (@prettiedove) May 26, 2015

ASAP Rocky just loves to disrespect women I see. First dark skin girls and now Rita Ora.

— The Hendrix Review (@HendrixReview) May 26, 2015

And some thought it was unnecessary

ASAP rocky kinda lame for that Rita Ora diss man not gonna lie he could've kept that to himself

— Biggz (@BiggaBoss_Biggz) May 26, 2015

asap rocky didn't have to Rita Ora like that on his album

— K (@kaaanisha) May 26, 2015

Why did A$AP Rocky ever do Rita Ora like that smh

— M-Nasty (@myeisha614) May 26, 2015

No matter how you slice it, or what went on between them, the rhymes certainly come off flagrant and disrespectful.