Justin Bieber Addresses That Rumored Collab With Drake’s Dad

Is a Dennis G. and JB collab in the works?

Last month, Drake’s dad said he and Justin Bieber had “a surprise coming soon.” He also warned us to “stay tuned.” While some speculated on a potential collaboration — Drizzy’s pops is a musician, after all — Bieber is now setting the record straight.

“We’re not doing a collaboration,” Bieber said during an interview with The Bert Show today (Jan. 7). “But [he’s a] super nice guy. I actually met him at The Nice Guy [restaurant] in L.A.”

Bieber might not be working with Dennis G (that's Drake's dad's name), but he did recently remix Drizzy's "Hotline Bling." And the two do go way back.

So sorry, but it looks like this collab isn't happening -- unless JB's planning to surprise us.

Here's a look at the IG post that started this rumor (with the caption and all):

We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned ????????????????????????

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