Russell Crowe Tells Us His Fantasy 'Batman V Superman' Cameo

Wha-wha-what's your fantasy, Crowe?

The internet can't stop freaking out over the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer... and it hasn't even been released in its entirety yet. It's been a brutally long wait for fans of the Dark Knight and the (super)man formerly known as Kal-El.

And while "Man of Steel" was far from a perfect film, it did do justice to Superman's Kryptonian origin story, which featured Russell Crowe as the superhero's father Jor-El. Given Jor-El's demise in the 2013 flick, we don't expect Crowe to pop up in "Batman vs. Superman" -- but according to Crowe, Jor-El's story is far from over.

MTV News spoke to Crowe at a press day for his directorial debut, "The Water Diviner," and the Aussie actor has an elaborate plan to bring the Kryptonian scientist back to the big screen.

"What sparked my interest once I saw how Zack [Snyder] was creating Krypton. I'd like to see what made Jor-El, Jor-El." Crowe said. "What made him and Zod, who are folklorically friends, what split them apart."

A Jor-El origin story set in Krypton? Sign. Us. Up. The decision not to bring Jor-El into the storyline for "Batman v Superman" makes sense, as his A.I. consciousness was destroyed by General Zod in "Man Of Steel" -- and the film will undoubtedly spend a lot of time setting up the tension between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent... But we wouldn't mind seeing Jor-El return in flashbacks, or as Crowe suggested, his own prequel film.

We're sure Snyder is going to get right on that. You know, after finishing the most highly anticipated film in the history of the universe, "Batman V Superman."

"The Water Diviner" hits theaters on April 24.