'Laguna Beach' Time Capsule Unearthed: 10 Relics That Were 'So' 2004

Move over, Ruins of Chichen Itza -- we're celebrating the show's 10-year anniversary!

Last year, equipped with trowels, handbrooms and a peat cutter, archaeologists unearthed what was determined to be Europe's oldest bog body on record in County Laois, Ireland.

This week, we made an equally compelling discovery without getting off of our asses.

Ten years ago, a group of SoCal teenagers who loved surfing, partying and saying "gnarly" first hit MTV airwaves on "Laguna Beach," and almost instantly, the show was a hit. LC, Stephen and all their pals made high school look like a coastline paradise, and it wasn't until we looked back at their days at LBHS that we realized how drastically things can change in a decade.

No, we haven't dusted dinosaur bones, and we've received no excavation grants, but watching old "Laguna" episodes to celebrate its anniversary has made us verifiable experts on what has changed since the show premiered. Check out 10 relics below, and share your memory of what was identifiably 2004!

Flip phones


OK, yes, iPhones are fun and exceedingly useful, but let's be honest -- there was no greater satisfaction than slamming your Razr or Chocolate 3 shut after a particularly volatile conversation. And frankly, we'll take T9 to autocorrect any day.

Hilary Duff's "Come Clean"

Deny your love of "Lizzie McGuire" all you want -- the Duffster's monster hit could make grown men tap their feet. And will you ever hear the song without picturing Lo painting her toenails?

Severe bang swoops


We're not sure if the Westerlies blew particularly powerfully a decade back, but 2004's hairstyle of choice involved shaping your mane to make it look like a pendulum that swung once, then got stuck.

Saying something is "dunzo"

Done? Dead? Finished? Finito? Nope, 10 year back, expired things -- like Kristin's white SUV -- were "dunzo." Hey, it's better than "deadiezzzz."

Going to punk concerts

True, there are still die-hard guyliner types who fill up theaters for New Found Glory, but in 2004, even a school's popular crowd could be spotted at a blink-182 show, and LC and Stephen were no exception.

The novelty of "Wicked"

Christina's big dreams centered on a starring Broadway role -- more specifically, one in "Wicked." You can still catch the show at New York's Gershwin Theater, but Elphaba Fever has mostly died down.

Michelle Branch serving as the soundtrack to your life


Face-eating sunglasses


Lindsay Lohan and a handful of Kardashians still sport the look, but most of the public has downsized to frames that can't double as windshields.

"The O.C." screening parties

Still get a chill when you hear "California"? We do, too.

Black chokers


The partial-noose look was totally 2004, and Kristin, for one, had it down. It's like, who needs respiratory function, anyway?

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