Madonna Delivers New Videos On DVD

As her fans work themselves into a heavy lather over the impending release of her new album, Madonna is giving her followers something to tide them over: a DVD of her new video, "Music.

Arriving on September 5, the DVD will boast two versions of the recently released clip for "Music," with one video presumably expanding upon the sauciness only hinted at in the censored version that is currently hitting the airwaves.

The world's most-recognized mom has an impressive track record with video singles, hitting platinum eight times over with her "Justify My Love" clip. The "Music" DVD (the first DVD single release from Warner Reprise Video) is expected to retail for $9.95 and arrives two weeks before "Music" the album hits stores on September 19.

However, chances are Madonna's not overly concerned with the DVD release these days. The singer gave birth to her first son, Rocco Ritchie, on Friday (see [article id="1431550"]"Madonna's A Mom,

Again"[/article]). The child is Madonna's second, and her first with British filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

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