Korn's Singer Calls Deftones Vocalist 'Bitter,' Prepares To Blow Heads Off

Singer discussed feud with Deftones' Chino Moreno on New York's K-ROCK Wednesday.

Now that he's returned from the bus trip he took around the country to write lyrics for the next Korn record, frontman Jonathan Davis has taken to the airwaves to address the recent scathing comments that Deftones singer Chino Moreno made about Korn.

In the August issue of Revolver, Moreno slammed the last Korn record, Untouchables, and condemned Davis for addressing the same old angst-filled themes in his lyrics. "As they go on, it's the same thing -- bad childhoods and mean moms," Moreno said. "How old is Jonathan? Thirty years old? How long has it been since he lived with his parents? Try to go somewhere else."

In response, Davis called New York radio station K-Rock (WXRK-FM)Wednesday and told disc jockey Cane that he thinks Moreno is jealous of Korn's success.

"I don't hate Chino at all. He's just a bitter guy," Davis said. "He's been bitter since the time when we all started back in '92 [and] we were all homies."

Davis said that as Korn became multiplatinum artists and Deftones failed to reach such heights, Moreno's resentment grew. "He really took it hard," Davis said. "And it wasn't our fault or nothin'."

Despite the rift, Davis said Korn would still like to hit the road with Deftones the way they used to when both bands were first starting out. "We've been trying to hook up and do shows," he said. "But there's been this underlining bitterness towards us. And we don't feel like that. Those are our homies, and I would still love to tour with them 'cause I'm a big fan of their band. I'm too old to play that high school, bullsh-- game."

Maybe one reason Davis wants to tour with Deftones again is because over the past year Korn have recaptured the hunger and vitality they had when the two bands were regularly hanging together. On their upcoming album, they've returned to the primal, heavy grooves that launched their career. Davis described it as "very raw [and] not too thought out." He added that it reminds him of the songs Korn created when nü-metal was still new and the band was aching to achieve.

"Honestly, it's taking it back to the beginning. It's like when the first Korn came out. It's a lot of screaming. It's crazy."

The band's new single, "Did My Time," which will be included in the "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" movie, but not on the soundtrack, is perhaps a teaser for the disc. The song booms and surges, starting with a repetitive two-note riff and building into a behemoth rhythm backed by funky, hip-hop-inspired drums and bass (see [article id="1472484"]"Korn Do 'Time' For Lara Croft"[/article]). Davis' vocals are pained and melodic, and they're layered with dark harmonies placed on the first two words of every verse. Lyrically, the track resonates with the kind of frustration and rage that made Korn T-shirts a fashion must for disaffected teens everywhere: "Realize I can never win/ Sometimes feel like I have failed/ Inside, where do I begin?/ My mind is laughing at me."

"Sometimes, we gauge heavy different than other people," Davis said of the song and album. "[But] this time it's gonna blow people's heads off." (see [article id="1471553"]"Korn Finishing Up LP, Jonathan Davis Says Bizkit's Axeman 'No Wes' "[/article]).

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