'Beautiful Creatures' Trailer: Watch It Now!

Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich star in clip, which teases Lena and Ethan's budding romance and the challenges they face.

We are so ready to get lost in the big screen adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's bestseller "Beautiful Creatures," we almost can't stand it. Luckily for us, our anticipation was tempered a bit today via the release of the film's first teaser trailer.

The nearly two-minute preview opens with exterior shots of reclusive Macon Ravenwood's manor, followed by an ominous introduction of his niece Lena Duchannes (played by Alice Englert) by Mrs. Lincoln (Emma Thompson) cataloguing all the creepy and mysterious things that have happened in and around Duchannes' presence, intercut with clips of the mysterious girl shifting and gripping her seat in school.

"In every one of those towns there have been accidents, even deaths," Lincoln tells her fellow townspeople from a podium in a church or meeting hall. "I'm not afraid of you or your evil kind!"

The trailer then cuts back to the classroom and the spontaneous shattering of glass. Next we see curious Ethan Wate (played by newcomer Alden Ehrenreich) wandering onto Ravenwood's property to get to know Lena.

"I like you," he says.

"You don't know anything about me," she answers. "I don't know who I really am inside. I don't know what I'll be," which introduces brief clips of old-world style books and manuals, teachers/allies (Amma, played by Viola Davis) and hidden rooms. Lena discovers that she has magic within her that will be claimed by either the light or dark very soon, which cues fitting background music, "Seven Devils" by Florence + the Machine. Film clips flash, showing Lena and Ethan's budding romance and challenges she will face in the path of her impending magical selection -- and the dangers involved in coming to terms with and taming magical abilities.

"Beautiful Creatures" is based on the first book in the "Caster Chronicles" series and revolves around South Carolina teen Ethan Wate, whose dreams about mysterious girl Lena Duchannes come to life when she moves to his small town to live with her uncle. The two are immediately drawn to one another and, like all good fantasy romances, must deal with the challenges involved in discovering true identities and impending fates. The movie opens everywhere February 13, 2013.

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