How Well Do You Remember Jesse Eisenberg And Kristen Stewart In 'Adventureland'?

Games, games, games!

Before they were a pair of unlikely government targets on the run for their lives in "American Ultra," Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg were once a couple of wayward summer jobbers biding their time at a mediocre theme park in "Adventureland."

And while Eisenberg's James Brennan in the now-six-year-old flick didn't have the same hidden skillset as his new persona Mike Howell, the two characters do share a few key commonalities.

First, there's the fact that they're both pretty lax on the career department. AND they both have quite a taste for recreational marijuana use. Then, obviously, there's the fact that they each have eyes for Stewart's characters, Em and Phoebe, respectively.

See what else you can remember about Eisenberg and Stewart's first go as a screen pair with this quiz. Unless you've spent your summer days in the same kinda haze as the Adventureland kids, we think you'll fare just fine.