Joe Keery Lets Steve Harrington's Shiny, Voluminous Locks Loose At The Emmys

Someone get this man a Fabergé Organics deal

Steve Harrington's legendary locks were on full display at the 2018 Emmys when actor Joe Keery hit the star-studded red carpet with his greatest accessory: his hair. (Apologies to his gorgeous IRL girlfriend, Maika Monroe.)

Slicked back and sculpted toward the heavens, the Stranger Things star's golden 'do is so huge it now has its own gravitational pull.

And, yes, that beautiful head of hair is 100 percent real. Just ask the president of the Joe Keery Fan Club: David Harbour. Earlier this year, Harbour was adamant that no one was allowed to go near Keery's "chestnut luscious locks" with a pair of shears while on the set of the Netflix hit's third season, which is currently in production.

But just how high can Keery's mullet-like mane truly go? See for yourself:

Getty Images

Joe Keery hair

Getty Images

Joe Keery wide

If Keery doesn't score a multimillion-dollar haircare campaign after this, then what are we even doing at the Emmys, people!

Here's hoping Steve becomes the local face of Fabergé Organics at the Starcourt Mall in Stranger Things Season 3.

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