'Inside Out' Short Film Reveals Riley's First Date

Riley's parents are going to be really emotional in this one.

Pixar's short films make our hearts soar on the regular, but this time, things are going to be extra emotional. Because the studio is releasing an "Inside Out" follow-up short that centers on 12-year-old Riley's very first date -- taking place a year after the events of the hit summer movie -- and includes all the attending histrionics that erupt within the minds of her hapless parents along the way. Yay!

Poor Mom and Dad. These two just do not know how to react when THIS kid, Jordan ...


Inside Out Short

... shows up at their doorstep asking for their daughter because WTH they totally thought she was going out with one of the girls. What to do? What TO DO?

That's when their in-house mind team gets cracking and advises Mommy to try and speak her little girl's language, saying things like, "What's the dealio with Jordan? OMG, he is awesomesauce fo sheezy."

What. Just ... what. (That's basically Riley's reaction to all of this, BTW.)

Here's the preview snippet for the new short which aired on Good Morning America Thursday (August 13).

The full video will be included on the "Inside Out" bonus features with its Oct. 13 digital HD release and Nov. 3 Blu-ray roll-out.

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