Brooke Candy And Erika Jayne Are Freaky Felines In Supremely NSFW 'Drip'

They pour milk all over themselves while dressed as cats and do splits in slow motion

Close the door behind you, lock it, and put in your headphones. You are in for a wild ride with Brooke Candy and Erika Jayne's new video for "Drip," a sensationally sexy new single that comes with the most explicit lyricism that you can imagine, a funhouse atmosphere created by a bouncy, circus-like beat, and immersive and frighteningly realistic moans of the highest hedonistic degree.

The accompanying video is anything but what the song suggests, opting for sexualizing domesticated cats, but it still finds ways to make you look behind your shoulder as you watch the video. Quick! Close your laptop. Someone's coming.

"Drip" begins with cans of cat food being opened up — what these cans say on them, however, should be rated NC-17. We're then introduced to Brooke and Erika as freaky felines, dancing on pink cat towers while glass bottles of milk continuously pour over them. It's in slow motion, and it's a lot sexier than it sounds.

Candy's wild whispering plants sexy moans over the minimalistic beat while Jayne's venomous raps slither out like an extended hiss. This should give you an extremely raunchy idea of what an alternative, NSFW version of the upcoming CGI Cats film would look like.

"Drip" is set to appear on Candy's forthcoming debut studio album SEXORCISM, set to come out this year. It will also feature "XXXTC," her collaboration with Charli XCX and Maliibu Mitch.

Watch the extremely NSFW video for "Drip" up above.

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