Evanescence's 'My Heart Is Broken' Video: The Haunting

Brand-new clip finds the band trapped within a nightmare of its own invention.

After nearly a month spent touting its [article id="1675654"]various ethereal qualities[/article], on Tuesday (January 24), Evanescence premiered their video for "My Heart Is Broken," a dark, dreamlike thing that pushes Amy Lee's claustrophobic musings to the next level. And somewhere beyond that too.

As Lee told MTV News back in December, the look and feel of the "Broken" clip was very much influenced by the British fantasy/horror flick "Paperhouse," about a young girl who creates vivid dream worlds to escape the harsh reality of everyday life, only to eventually realize she's stuck in those dreams -- inspiration that certainly resonates with the song's lyrics, which are very much about being trapped in a dark, desolate place and trying to free one's self despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Working with director Dean Karr, and aided very much by fiber-optic technology, [article id="1677475"]Evanescence have created a video[/article] that is both haunting and haunted. It opens with Lee suspended in an inky void, a single light projecting from her finger. While her bandmates bash away in the blackness, she slowly begins to fill her emptiness by creating a dream world -- a fallow field, a sea of stars, a crumbling room -- until she eventually realizes that, in spite of her attempts, she is just as trapped as she was before.

At clip's end, the viewer is left to wonder whether she has the power to escape (though a cracked mirror seems to indicate she can), which, in a way, only further connects the video to the song itself: Like Lee sings, each of us have within ourselves the ability to free ourselves from any situation; whether we do or not is largely our decision. The first step seems to be realizing that the walls we surround ourselves with are largely of our own creation. The rest is up to us.

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