Usher Thanked For Comforting Accident Victim

Singer/actor Usher was thanked publicly yesterday by Norris Saunders, the son of a woman whom Usher was able to comfort during a tragic accident last month in Atlanta.

On January 17, Saunders' mother, 47-year-old Danielle Wright, was driving back from a friend's home in Atlanta around 10 p.m. and became involved in a car accident that caused her car to burst into flames. As Wright tried to escape the car, flames caused her clothes to catch fire.

Usher, who came upon the wreck while driving, quickly reacted at the scene and smothered Wright with his jacket. According to Saunders, Usher stayed with his mother and prayed with her until paramedics could arrive. Unfortunately, Wright passed away last week from injuries sustained in the accident.

Prior to a memorial service in Atlanta yesterday, Saunders called up MTV Radio Network affiliate WHTA FM to publicly thank Usher on the air. Usher himself also called in and said, [article id="1451494"]"I

wanted to do the right thing, so I just prayed to God and asked that [He] allow me to do the right thing because I didn't want to make it worse than it actually was. I did the best that I could." [RealAudio][/article]

Saunders thanked Usher for being there and staying with his mother and offered Usher a picture of her so he could see how she looked before the accident.

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