Shar Jackson's Baby Advice To Britney? Talk To Your Mom

Kevin Federline's ex says pop singer is part of her family now.

Britney Spears has been practicing her mom skills by playing stepmother to the two children her husband, Kevin Federline, has with actress Shar Jackson. And now, with a new baby on the way, they're about to become quite the extended family. In part two of her exclusive interview with MTV News, Jackson describes how they make their unusual relationship work.

"My main priority in life is my family, and you know what? In some strange, distant way, she's part of that now," Jackson said.

When Britney comes over to Jackson's house -- so that Kevin can spend time with 2-year-old Kori and 9-month-old Kaleb -- Jackson said they treat each other as friends.

"Every time she walks in, I give her a hug," she said. " 'Hey, girl, what's going on?' She comes over, we talk about whatever, the funny stuff that the kids do, or a joke I crack. We hang out for a little bit before they go on their merry way. And I'm cool with that."

Jackson hopes Britney will be equally cool with making sure Kori and Kaleb get to have a relationship with their on-the-way half sibling. "I mean, they're family, so if the other side of the family permits it," she said.

Jackson accepted long ago that she lost Federline to Spears while she was pregnant with Kaleb, she said (see [article id="1500683"]"Shar Jackson Congratulates Britney And Kevin, Says 'I'm Not Bitter' "[/article]). She likes to joke that she's not paying attention to the media scrutiny or the Kevin/Britney celebrity. "Who's that again? Oh, my kid's dad," she laughed. "His wife? I don't know, some chick he married. That was so last year, you know, I don't keep up.

"The whole fame thing, it doesn't make a person better than anybody else," she added. "They just got a little more dough and they're just a really popular kid in school. That's how I look at it."

While the fame factor may not faze Jackson, especially since she's been acting since age 3, she is concerned about its effect on her children. They don't realize who Britney is because they're too young. "It's not like, 'Oh my God, Britney's in the house!' " she said. But they are being photographed when they're spotted with the singer, sometimes in photo ops that Britney has set up herself, and that's not something Jackson's terribly keen on.

"I just don't really like my kids being photographed, period, you know?" Jackson said. "But that's part of the trade-off. I'd rather it be their choice to say, 'Hey, I want to be in the spotlight,' instead of it just being forced upon them. But it is what it is, and we deal with it."

Still, she's not about to start schooling Spears on how to stepparent her children, let alone parent her own.

"That's her mom's job," Jackson explained. "My mother told me and taught me everything I know, that she could teach me, without me learning on my own. That's something that her and her mom, they should do that. That's a special thing for a mother and a daughter. When my daughters are old enough, and they're ready to do that, we're going to bond that way. So I'm not going to interfere with that. That's for them to do."

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