This Is Not A Drill: The 'Mean Girl' Cast Had A Reunion And It Was So Fetch

On Wednesdays, they wear fabulous sparkly dresses.

Stop, drop and fetch, everyone: The main cast of "Mean Girls" reunited, and they wore sparkly dresses and took pictures, and we're just going to be useless for the rest of the day because of it.

Entertainment Weekly worked some of the magic we've been trying to conjure for the last, oh, forever and wrangled Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert into the same room and snagged a few pictures for their most recent issue.

Here's one. Get ready to be blinded by awesomeness.

Entertainment Weekly

meangirlsreunion also snagged an interview with the female leads of the movie about the making of the classic, including this actual gem from Fey.

"I remember 17-year-old Lindsay was on a mission to find pink Uggs," she said. "That was, like, what she was working on. And there was one day where she tried to explain to Amy [Poehler] and me her beef with Hilary Duff, but we couldn’t crack it. But we were pretending we could follow it."

"Mean Girls" isn't the only beloved ensemble to come back together for the mag: "Ghostbusters," "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "Sports Night," "Napoleon Dynamite" and more are also represented. Thud. We're just. On the floor.

Once you're through basking in the glory of this pic, head to Entertainment Weekly for more.