5 Seconds Of Summer Thank You For Voting Them Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Artist Of 2013... From Bed!

5 Seconds of Summer thank you to Buzzworthy

5 Seconds Of Summer just wanna say "thank you"... IN BED!

Y'all voted for Buzzworthy's Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Artist of 2013, and this week we declared a winner: Aussie pop-rockers 5 Seconds Of Summer! Well, 5 Seconds Of Summer were SO touched that a whopping 1 million fans voted for them that they hopped into bed to thank you for voting your way into permanent carpal tunnel madness. Warning: Prepare to have a lot of #feelings.

Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer's "Thank You" message after the jump.

Sitting side by side in bed (just sit right back and let that wash over for a minute or two...), Luke, Michael, Calum, Ashton professed their love to their fans with a heartfelt "THANKS!": "Hi MTV!! We just want to thank you all so much for voting for us!"

Plus, being the thoughtful boys they are, 5SOS congratulated their fellow competition -- especially Sleeping With Sirens, who came in second. "We would also like to say a massive congratulations to everyone else [on the list]. Especially Sleeping With Sirens. We want to thank our fans, You guys made this happen for us. You're all amazing."


+ Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer thank their fans for voting them Buzzworthy's Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Artist Of 2013.

Photo credit: Geoff Jones

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