Pharrell And Thousands Of Women Are Throwing This Body-Shamed Man An Awesome Dance Party

And Moby and Andrew W.K., of course.

The Internet can be a cruel place, but sometimes that cruelty is totally outweighed by the kindness of strangers. One man in London found out firsthand just how kind social media can be when an army of strangers came to his defense after he was mocked for dancing at a club.

Cassandra Fairbanks of Los Angeles recently spotted one especially mean post on the infamous image board 4chan. It displayed two pictures of the same guy -- one of him dancing, and another of him hanging his head after being laughed at. "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing," the caption read.

Fairbanks reached out to find the man on Twitter, and her quest soon grew to include over 1,700 women -- all wanting to throw a dance party in his honor.

Pretty awesome stuff, right? Well, rest assured, the "Dancing Man" was soon found. Turns out his name is Sean and he lives in London -- and now, even Pharrell Williams wants to party with him.

Fairbanks and her band of thousands of kind women are organizing a VIP party for Sean in Los Angeles, where he can dance all he wants without judgment. Pharrell, Moby, and party expert Andrew W.K. have all tweeted their support for the event, urging Sean never to feel ashamed of himself, no matter what other people might say.

Dance on, Sean!

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